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Oxford Diecast Forestry Commission Land Rover Defender 1:76

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2019 celebrated 100 years of the Forestry Commission, the story going back to 1919 following the end of World War I. To mark the occasion, here at Oxford, we are delighted to bring you our long wheelbase Land Rover Defender, decorated in the contemporary Forestry Commission colour scheme of green and bright yellow with white roof, black trim and black interior. Registered BL03 UYZ from 2003, our 1:76 scale model features the Forestry Commission logo in white to the right of the back door, on the front doors and also on the sides above the rear wheel arches.

The need to formalise the regeneration and expansion of the forests and woodlands in England and Scotland was recognised after their depletion during the conflict. As a result, in 1919 the agency was formed as the Forestry Commission – a non-ministerial government department backed up by the passing of the Forestry Act by Parliament. The Commission bought up large areas of former agricultural land. The purposes of the agency have increased over time and it has now expanded beyond timber production to include the preservation and improvement of the UK’s forests as well as providing and promoting outdoor activities within its boundaries; and a scientific research aspect now part of the Commission’s remit, too. The Commission now employs nearly 3500 employees and handles a budget of over £50 million. It looks after over 1500 forests and is recognised internationally for its renowned research in sustainable forests, which also includes helping other landowners make their woodlands more productive and better for wildlife as well as coping with the challenges of a changing climate.

The highlights of the Forestry Commission Centenary year in 2019 include the Resilience Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show; Writers in the Forest – new literary works inspired by the nation’s forests; the Big Forest Find, encouraging the younger generation particularly to record the wildlife in local forests; there will also be a wave of Centenary planting of trees across the country

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