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Oxford Diecast VW Beetle Lotus White

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If you are a Beatles fan and lucky enough to have their Abbey Road album, take another look at the record sleeve and you will see a white VW Beetle parked in the background, with the Fab Four progressing across the famous zebra crossing to the Abbey Road Studios. The car belonged to a nearby resident of Abbey Road at the time of the photo-shoot on 8th August 1969.

The car is now further immortalised as here at Oxford, our latest release on our 1:76 scale VW is that very vehicle! Registered LMW 281 from 1967/68, it is decorated in its original Lotus White colour scheme with black interior and chrome exterior finish. Quite ordinary in normal circumstances but its provenance has given it celebrity status. The real thing was re-discovered in a car showroom in St Albans in 1986 by the owner of a local musical instrument shop, who snapped it up, realising the car salesman had no idea of its history and more importantly, its potential value.

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