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Scania New Generation (S) Box Trailer Stobart NHS

Product Code: 76SNG005

Scania’s latest luxury S series cab has pulled some high-end and extremely colourful trailers in our 1:76 scale series to date.  This time it’s the turn of Eddie Stobart and what an amazing livery this is! The famous haulage company is honouring in glorious technicolour the heroic NHS which has been stretched to the limits and beyond,  coping in particular with the Covid health pandemic.

The graphics speak for themselves and echo the sentiments of the country in thanking our National Health Service for keeping us safe, while calling on us to Protect the NHS.

The very modern cab is decorated in Eddie Stobart’s signature white, red and green colour scheme with a black interior.

For the technically minded enthusiasts, Scania have developed their new S series cab with special emphasis on its interior, which offers the ultimate in comfort for the long distance driver. Scania describe it as a haven of luxury. It features a flat floor and extended storage, plus reclining seat functions and interior lights. There is improved positioning for the driver, lowered side windows and a large surface area of glass ensuring greater visibility.  The dashboard has also been lowered slightly, giving improved forward visibility. The dashboard display is larger too with improved graphics and intuitive controls.  There is also an improved temperature controlled system for even greater driver comfort.

Scania have refined the exterior of the cab too.  The cab front, improved roof and enhanced side air deflectors are all aerodynamically designed to reduce fuel consumption.

Back to Oxford’s superb model which will make a superb addition to your ultra modern fleet of heavy haulage models.

And what’s more – as an enormous thank you for the wonderful work done by the NHS, Oxford Diecast and the Stobart Group are making a joint donation of £3.00 per model to the NHS.

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