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Oxford Diecast 5 Piece Set Land Rover Discovery 1/2/3/4/5

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This superb five-piece collection celebrating the evolution of the Land Rover Discovery has the newly tooled Discovery 1 at the head of the procession leading the cavalcade in a bright array of authentic colours. Here’s the line-up:

76DS1001 Land Rover Discovery 1 – Firefox Red

Brand new for this edition and as well as having this Discovery 1 as a separate item, take the chance to snap it up in our commemorative set in its launch colour of brilliant red,  grey and silver.

76LRD2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 –Epsom Green

Only added very recently to the Land Rover Discovery stable, the newly tooled Discovery 2 is based on the vehicle which Land Rover manufactured at their Solihull works between 1998 and 2004. Design-wise, it had interior and exterior enhancements to make it less utilitarian compared with the Discovery 1. The Series II was the last Land Rover product to use an evolution of the original 1970 Range Rover underpinnings with its extended 185” long body sitting on a short 100” wheelbase. The series was classed as a 5-door estate.

The Oxford model is registered GK54 PWZ from the very last months of production in 2004, to be superseded by the Series 3.  Elegantly decorated in deep metallic green, the interior and exterior trim is finished almost completely in black. Final touches include silver ‘alloy’ wheels, the Land Rover badge on the rear door and Discovery td5 printed in silver and black.

76LRD006 Land Rover Discovery 3 – Cairns Blue

Land Rover launched the Discovery 3 in 2004 and our metallic rich blue replica is registered FM54 BUU from the second half of that year. Additional features include a cream interior with black dashboard, while the exterior trim is almost all black. It has appeared before in the Oxford release programme of upmarket of 4 x 4s but if you missed it then – catch it now!

76DIS001 Land Rover Discovery 4 – Ipanema Sand

This Discovery marks the fourth generation which Land Rover first launched in 1989. The company upgraded the Discovery in 2013 and our model is based on the top grade SDV6 HSE specification with a number plate to match that upgrade launch year SD13 GZZ. Against the exterior pale gold body colour, the interior is moulded in black with oyster white seating. This Oxford livery was the first release when it came out as a single item. Now it is a great and colourful addition to this celebratory set.

76DIS5002 Land Rover Discovery 5 HSE LUX –Santorini Black.

Only the second release on the new Oxford tooling when it first appeared, our Land Rover Discovery 5 HSE LUX, registered FM66 JHJ from 2016 follows on in our timeline.  It is decorated in one of the marque’s distinctive colour schemes – jet black with silver and dark grey exterior trim.  Note the intricate detail to the newly; styled radiator grille, too.  The interior is equally highly detailed with pale grey seating, steering wheel centre, front dashboard and door cappings.  The dashboard top, rear shelf and centre console are all moulded in black. In real life, even the steering wheel was heated!

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