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Oxford Diecast Blue Land Rover 109 inch – 1:76 Scale

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If you are looking for a Diecast Blue Land Rover 109 inch, you have come to the right place. Maurice Wilks was inspired by his army-surplus Jeep to design a vehicle that could be used in the military and agriculture, as well as to help export. In 1947, prototypes were up and running and production of the Series I began at Solihull in 1948. It had permanent four-wheel-drive with low-ratio gearing and a locking freewheel mechanism, and a 50bhp, 1.6-litre engine from the Rover P3 saloon. It was fitted with lightweight body panels made from surplus aircraft-grade aluminium – steel was in short supply post-war – and came with army-surplus green paint. The Land Rover price started from just £450. Supply to the British forces started in 1949, the Land Rover replacing the Austin Champ and later, the rust-prone Austin Gipsy. Deliveries to organisations such as the Red Cross soon followed. The 100,000th Land Rover was made in autumn 1954 and by 1958, production ran to around 200,000. This open back Series I comes in blue and is based on a 109 inch wheelbase Land Rover. Our Diecast Blue Land Rover 109 inch could be the next vehicle in your collection.

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