BACHMAN 32-511 BR Standard 5MT BR1G Tender 73051 BR Lined Green (Late Crest) [W]


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BR Standard Class 5MT 73051 BR Lined Green Late Crest Weathered


Built: 1951 – 1957

Built for: BR

Designed by: Robert A. Riddles

Duties: mixed traffic

Wheels: 4-6-0



• Removable coal load with empty coal space modelled below

• Sprung buffers

• BR1G Tender



The BR Standard Class 5MT locomotives were constructed between 1951 and 1957, under the direction of R A Riddles.  A total of 172 engines were built and the Class was widely distributed, with locomotives being allocated to every region of the BR network.


Tenders linked to the 5MTs varied according to the needs of each region and the routes undertaken.  Several varieties were used, including one with a greater water capacity for the Southern region, due to the area having no water troughs.


A significant engineering innovation was the fitting of the BR Caprotti valve gear to 30 members of the class – this part proved to be more mechanically efficient than the pistons previously installed, and locomotives to which it was fitted were consequently more powerful for their size.


Withdrawals commenced in 1964, with the final members of the class ceasing operation in 1965.  In all, five locomotives have been preserved.

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